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Rickett Reptiles & Supplies was established behind a passion for Herpetology, Veterinary Medicine and Entomology.  We understand the importance of diet and proper pet care.  Like many pet owners and animal lovers we strive to ensure family pets (whether they be warm blooded, cold blooded or invertebrates) receive the most nutritious feeders. We want them to be healthy and at their best always.

To achieve this, our feeders are fed grains, fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure the health of any reptile/pet you choose to add to your family.   


We welcome you to Rickett Reptiles & Supplies and Thank you for allowing us to do what we love the most!

Important Updates/Information: 


         We only ship on Mon & Tues 

         Local Pick up is always available

Due to restocking and maintenance feeders will not be available until 6/1/23

**Read shipping section regarding "Live arrival guarantee" prior to placing order.** 


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